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When the reality surpasses the fiction

This investigation was developed by a group of alternative journalists of several nationalities, arose with the determination to reach the  roots of business and politics World in a direct and sincere way, unveiling  the corruption installed in power, if  you wish  to collaborate with this investigation mail us to



After the first failed privatization in Uruguay de Pluna which unluckily could not escape  to the flagellum of the corruption and terrible administration Varig  presents  the forced resignation of  49% of their shares transferring the 100% to tht state again, begining one second transition towards new private funds.

After the corralito Bank runs and Capital flights in Argentina and Uruguay such as the Banco Comercial and Montevideo, controlled by the Rohm and  Peirano families,  J.PMorgan , Chase Manhattan, Credit Suisse and some other associated Banks.



The state decides to name arbitrarily to Ficus Capital

 by recommendation of the Minister of Economy Danilo Astori as a broker which casually selects Mr. Matías Campiani Panama campany

We remember that previously Mr. Paul Elberse as Manager of the Commercial bank in the middle of “corralito” won up to 50,000 dollars per month paid by the same state and capital flighted it´s funds  like manager of the same bank supplanting to the Rohm brothers whereas the clients demanded their savings.

During that period Frente amplio´s senator Mr. Rossi Minister of Transport and major responsible for the present Menemist privatization of Pluna along with the actual Economy Minister Danilo Astori, questioned at that time the past Minister of Economy Isaac Alfie about this salary and  capital flights of the Bank, thus Elberse was taken out of his function by the then Minister of Economy Isaac Alfie, incredibly this does not prevent the sale of this bank by Ficus Capital to the group Advent propietary International of OCA in Argentina ( by Frente Amplio´s the social left side party in Uruguay.

 Peculiarly both main of Ficus Capital, Francisco Ravecca nephew of Mariano Arana  present  Senator of Frente Amplio and Paul Elberse of Dutch nationality, they had worked previously in Exxel ( and Advent respectively like Matías Campiani father who worked in Exxel, and now is vice-president of Advent and president of “the New” Banco Comercial.

It is in evidence that the capital funds of Exxel and Advent belong to the same investors, and the confidence positions rotate from one to the other, as well as the ex- members like Mr. Ravecca, take care of the  lobby at political levels through third companies to secure these doubtful direct awardings of the Commercial bank and Pluna and finally a Free tax zone in Montevideo


      F.Ravecca Arana                                          M.Arana      



Later  on Mr. Elberse  demands  the State and wins a million dollar.

The State as well looses an international judgment of 100 million dollars against the creditor banks which coincidently are associated of Advent and Exxel because after the Capital flight  president Jorge Batlle signed as guarantor for the return of some emergency refundings with the same Banks. ( we remember his phrase: with the pistol in the head )

Mr. Juan Peirano Basso ( Opus Dei & Knights of Malta Order ) and Carlos Rohm father-in-law of David Mulford ( Credit Suisse and CFR ) and person in charge of famous “megacanje” or “big Exchange” after which  Argentine sank in the crisis, they now reside in United States being requiered by Justice in Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay.




   D.Mukford                                    José Röhm                              Juan Peirano


 Other so many coincidences can be found to make clear that the “sale” was made between “friends” and not looking for the best interests for Pluna, perhaps in a barbacue like this one, in which appears Mr. Ravecca and Alvarez Demalde the present vice- president of Pluna in their student times.



Diego Alvarez Demalde ( family?) he is at the moment the vice-president of Credit Suisse in Argentina and ex- student of Columbia Business School like Daniel Hirsch   ( family? )



Standing, from left to right, are Alejandro Rio ’04, Federico Schargorodsky ’05, Diego Alvarez Demalde ’02, Ramiro Lauzan ’03, Fabio Tonolini ’02 and Eduardo Franck ’80. In the front row, Daniel Hirsch ’84 and Martin Brons ’05 join Mariano Pino ’85.


Columbia Business School is JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse, Advent International, etc, are linked through this organization:


The third partner of Leadgate Sebastián Hirsch comes from the Hirsch family partner of the declining empire of Bunge & Born, which also falls within the power of the Yabran group when selling Molinos Rio de la Plata to the Exxel group, the sale was casually made through the Credit Suisse office of Madison Avenue.


History of Bunge & Born: 



Kennedy, Bunge & Born (“The Octopus”), the Nazis, the Vatican and the CIA

Books recommended -Were we controlled? & The Octopus





“The Octopus”


Bunge & Born Connection with Friedrich Schwend ( Doctor Wendig ) the falsifier of Hitler and German Gold.



In the Octopus we can appreciate once again as the networks extend once again to all the sectors of the power and in many of its paragraphs it seems to us to be reading the Da Vinci Code of  Dan Brown who plays capably with real facts creating fiction with a clear subliminal message.


We remember that Wenceslao Bunge later finishes like spokesman and secretary of  Alfredo Yabran until its death and demanding salaries by judicial route to its heirs of the companies that were not to their name.



 W.Bunge                       A.Yabran



Wenceslao negotiated in the United States a simulated sale of the companies of Yabran to the Exxel group after its supposed death to wash about a 2000 or more million dollars, in exchange for the cession of certain participation shareholder to the group of JP Morgan and associates, as mediating in the “sale” celebrated North American ambassador Terence Todman and Mauricio Macri.


Public Notary  Wenceslao Bunge is ex- president and member of the Club of Harvard in Argentina, Mr. Francisco Ravecca is President  of the same Club in Uruguay, the same maintains a fluid communication according to his first page in Internet with the DRCLAS the center of “studies” for Latin America of David Rockefeller which Ravecca also represents in Uruguay.


Wenceslao was Business partner of Suárez Masón (named small bird – P due) in SMC company dedicated to the robbery, traffic and sale of arms, the Federal Camera Argentina accuses of the ideological homicide of 43 homicides among them those of Hector Gutierrez Ruiz and Zelmar Michellini Uruguyan politicians aflter the military dictatorship process.



His son Wenceslao also casually works for Credit Suisse like investor, thanks to the good work of his father.


Endeavor or “the Club of the Business distribution of  JP Morgan  for the third World of Latin America and South Africa”, pioneers in technological bubbles in Latin America, the CEO or director is Linda  Rottemberg member the CFR, Council on Foreign Affairs

The CFR was founded by JP Morgan and its sponsor is Morgan Stanley its first honorary partner could not be other that David Rockefeller.



  Mr. Francisco Ravecca is executive Director of Endeavor in Uruguay after resigning Mr. Juan Peirano (fugitive), like Mr. Patricio Campiani (family?) is for  Argentina, organization in which participates like vocal Mr. Varsabsky ex- partner of Sowthern Winds (Jazztel – Advent) and present partner of Pluna with SAO, Eastern Aeronautical Society.

Advent appears in a first place within a guide of funds published by Endeavor.

Mr. Juan Maggio President of the ex- SouthernWinds appears within his entrepreneurs as well as Martin Varsabsky and the brother of Mr. Raul Rodriguez with Tennis Masters,  Raul Rodriguez the present manager of Madrid owns 60% of the actions of Leadgate for being Uruguayan and mandator of Varsabsky (Advent – Jazztel) 


Mr. Danilo Astori the most staunch defender of the TLC or Free Trade Agreement with the United States along with its counterpart of the CFR and Rockefeller.

 Simple coincidence with its recommendation of Leadgate and the capitals that there are behind Bombardier.?


The TLC and Rockefeller in the Americas, Monsanto, the control of foods by means of the suicidal seeds and eugenesia:

The TLC, medicines, Rockefeller, Monsanto and the war of the patents:

Danilo Astori our possible future will give us to president to the TLC without doubting it to fauces of Mr. Rockefeller and his companies.

Rockefeller and the CFR also present  in Chile with it´s actual TLC

The CFR, Rockefeller, AIDS and Ébola:

Rockefeller and its allies within their so many deprived, CFR, TRILATERAL COMMISSION, BUILDERBERG and derived clubs create the chaos to perpetrate themselves in the power according to the philosophy of Henry Stimson, member like the family Bush of the order of Skull & Bones the creators of the company

Ravecca also is director DRCLAS in Uruguay foundation of Mr. David Rockefeller (   the head of JP Morgan and Chase Manhattan) for its studies of Latin America, where their soldiers or think recruit themselves tanks (thinking tanks) as denominate themselves within the organizations.


Mr. Jose Rohm (   Puchi alias) was advisor of the same organization in Argentina until the 2001 later falls into the hands of Argentina justice the banking capital flights, previously  he was implied in the scandals of the Banco Nación IBM  scandal, IBM sponsors the trilateral commission another of the clubs created by Rockefeller, the sale from arms to Ecuador, the illegal sale of gold, now already in freedom represents a company of  events tied to the same Club.


Trilateral commission and Mr. Rockefeller:


It is in evidence that Francisco Ravecca is the new representative of the interests of JP Morgan, Chase Manhattan and associated banks in Uruguay after Juan Peirano escaped from justice,  that way is how they get back the “New” Commercial bank after the capital flight.

 Unlucklily  most people don´t seem to have memory and today we have “the New” Commercial bank with the vice-president of Advent Matías Campiani father as president of the “New” Commercial Bank and the Morgan pirates as shareholders managing the Business.




Justice can´t have double criteria  applying on some weaker members of the Peirano family, in the measurement of our possibilities, and be resigned to continuously give our patrimony to its landlords, the true people in charge.




We can see in this news that the same Banks are behind the curtain finance Bombardier.


The same plus the BNP Paribas of Mr. Paul Desmarais one of the directors of Bombardier partner in a infinity of businesses with Mr. David Rockefeller (JP. Morgan and associated) like example the project of the Grand Channel of about 200,000 million dollars.

Mr. Paul Desmarais whose son Andre (JP. Morgan ) is married with the daughter of ex- Canadian minister Jean Chrétien is the most powerful person in Canada, in addition present minister of  Canada Mr. Paul Martin was his employee in Power Corp and an intimate friend like Chretien.


The Scotia Bank finances the airplanes to the Uruguayan state aside from co-financing to Bombardier,  it  was accomplice of the crisis of the 2001 in Argentina, and is member of the Trilateral Commission… s/cavallo1.htm


In this interesting Summary of the book Narcotráfico S.A. we see as they are repeated and these names intercross all, peculiarly appears the Bunge family and the Scotia Bank, besides other so many mentioned previously.


In this other it is associated to Bombardier and its bankers with the inside job of the 911.


Maurice Strong  Canadian privy Counselor ex- president of Power Corp before Desmarais, supposedly uses the funds of the UN of the program petroleum for food to finance the attacks.

Nathan Rockefeller tells to its ex- friend the Hollywood producer Aaron Russo the plans of the Rockefellers:


Site of Ex Illuminati and Free Mason 33 degree Leo Zagami, divulges internal secrets, interesting connections  with the order of Malta and Opus Dei ( Peirano family ).



Here we have a called unionist Napoleón Urrutia in Mexico runs with 55 million dollars of the workers protected by a Company of the Advent grroup Consultoría internacional casa de cambio ans the Scotia Bank, the director is of this office is Mr. Juan Carlos Torres the main investor of Advent in Mexico and also director of our Banco Comercial.

Even more incredible appears to be that  he receives political asylum in Canada, being required by justice in Mexico, this makes us remember Juan Peirano who already was gave  by  pressures of the Uruguayan government, not therefore the major Brother of the Rohm brothers, Carlos that enjoys total freedom in the United States for being son-in-law of David Mulford.


Juan Carlos Torres  in


It´s also  being related with the money laundering, in this case to the Cartel of Juárez, we remember the mentioned link between Carrascosa and Rohm related to the same  Cartel.



 Today the Pluna scene casually Mathers Paul Elberse and  Victor Rossi again, since the state decides to name Ficus Capital like broker for its sale,  being very surprising that a left government imitates the same methods and intermediaries who very criticized in the government of Jorege Batlle to not indeed alienate its companies and in a emergency situation as it was it this crisis.

Incredibly Mr. Rossi defines before the press to Elberse like a nice boy, and delivers Pluna to the Leadgate group (Advent) (Exxel) J.P Morgan,  after leaving adjusted balance of it, with 1 million dollars of patrimony, plus 10 added more millions added later on, the Argentino Hotel of Piriápolis valued in 9 million dollars with present option of repurchase in 12 million is given to him, subsidize the fuel and gives the guarantee by the purchase of the total of the airplanes by 177 million dollars participating with 25% of the actions and giving 75%.

On the other hand the unique assets are sold whereupon Pluna like the offices of the street Florida 1, or the  737-200 counted that are on sale at the moment.

As it could not be of another form do not exist guarantees of any type of the Leadgate group in his contracts, since the guarantee by the purchase of the airplanes is of the State, evidently we are before which seems to be an evacuating before retirement.


The National Audit Office observed the sale since the distraction of a public company by means of direct form like also the guarantee granted by the State without the company/signature of the President is unconstitutional, evidently Mr. Rossi argues political reasons but in the table of the court who was majority he has member of his party.

Besides we can see that the Leadgate group this practically conformed by the same “investors”, they were in Southern Winds, Mr. MartínVersavsky (Jazztel group Advent International in Spain), Matías Campiani Father with pending justice causes by OCA, tied formerly to Alfredo Yabran before its supposed death and today to Hector Colella its successor who resides in Montevideo with the widow and children of Yabran.

Leadgate and Advent use the same methods that the implemented  by the Uruguayan Juan Navarro in the creation of the Exxel group (leveraged buyout: – attached Link page 473) “acquisition” of bankruptcy Companies to  transfer the risk to third parties Banks and or the State.


  Leadagate sold Parmalat to the group Maldonado of Venezuela which today loses more than 8 million dollars to the year in spite of the good conjunctural moment of milky ones thanks to the fact that of form not very crystalline fixed Leadgate the price of milk to 5 years to as always settle to debits with the deserving banks beneficiary J.P Morgan and Mr. Campiani fulfilling its work since the price of dust milk raised of U$ 70 U$ 250 in these years.

In this Link it is clear that was main the Morgan Bank was responsible for the bubbles of Parmalat, Enron, Cirio , Worldcom, several technological and also the Argentina crisis is mentioned (   the same people in charge who later appear by means of their mandators as with the Commercial bank end up doing more of the same in a vicious circle   )

And in this other we see as Mr. Matías Campiani tries to us to make think that he found out the business of parmalat by newspapers:,0

Variation of the price of dust milk in the international market:

One of the three involved American banks in the Parmalat case, JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America and Citigroup, are – like group most responsible for this shot growth”. As the governmental agency into exchange control of the EU informed, “in June of 2003 JP Morgan it reached the level of the 33.3 trillions of dollars in contracts with derivatives, with an increase of 4.5 trillions in only six months; the Bank of America reached 14.3 trillions from dollars and Citigroup to 13 trillions”.

Ex- employees of Parmalat blame Mr. Campiani of the death of two workers by the explosion of a boiler with lack of maintenance, seems that Mr. Campiani uses the same policy with the airplanes and the security, since for Campiani the unique thing that matters is the numbers, nothing austere by the way.

This was widely demonstrated in the operation conducted in Arabia, where Mr. Campiani harvested briefcases of money dressed as of pilot, pressing and compelling the crews to surpass the maximum flight times and authorized service by the Uruguayan RAU.

In this operation documents were falsified, such as declarations and flight log books, where Mr. Campiani and ground crew appeared like crew with false licenses.

As we see in these publications Mr. Eurnekian and the Yabran group with Exxel and Advent competes for a few years becoming of the airports, free-shops and government warehouses, thus against the victory of the concessions in 2008 Mr. Eurnekián make use of its mass media and send messages through Jorge Rial to harm the image of  Juan Navarro and the Yabran group.



 The sale simulated of OCA, OCASA, VILLALONGA FURLONG – EDCADASSA – INTERBAIRES of Exxel to Advent is by all well-known like his implications in cases of traffic of arms, drug trafficking and money laundering, it seems that Colella handles to the reins through its mandator Matías Campiani Father in this extensive network of corruption with connections that arrive until Monzer at the Kassar and the Cartel of Juarez.

As example we can remember the macabre murder of Mrs. Belsunce de tie Carrascosa with the poster of Juárez, the Rohm brothers and the BGN.


This document realised by a North American investigation  agency for the Argentinian parliament clarifies the situation:


 In blog of Versabsky we see the desperate attempt save the international route of S.W and or to create another airline, evidently Pluna was the victim of this announced death.

 The commentary Nº 2 makes the situation clear:  Jorge Rodriguez Montero

 <! – [if! supportLists] – >1.      <! – [endif] – >Martín how do you try to make serious business with the people that for years have been declaring loses and always did the same thing with this bags to Madrid according to the corridor commentaries,  making a route to Taca in  Peru with almost no passangers, the only explanation, must be that what people says is certain, the employees of SW lost their head and they want always to win, but any way….like you say the problem is that the law does not protect to you, but anyway if  the fleet “of national flag” is of a Spanish company!
My God I worked during years bound to Argentine Airlines in the part of Marketing and Publicity and it hurts to see it  fallen like this in it´s image and services, Martin I hope you can do something in your native earth with or without Air Atlanta, we need  routes, prices and services, if I can help in something in your project… add me ad honorem, a hug  from Cordoba



  At the moment the main Directors in the offices of Madrid  were employees  of Southern Winds Mr. Raul Rodriguez Uruguayan mandator for being with 60% of the actions of Leadgate, Mr. Marcelo Vernino ex- ground staff  head of Southern Winds with pending causes and defendant to compel witnesses and Mr. Flavio Cañoto who was the supposed encharged of the famous cocaine bags dispatched for the Argentinian Embassy.


The corporative connections of this great “business” that was Southern Winds, does not leave any doubt of the true intentions of these investors for Pluna.

 As the corporate connections ascend we see they are political names next to de Argentinian president Nestor Kirchner.


 The head of customs in Ezeiza Ricardo Echegaray.


 Ricardo Jaime transport secretary alias the “boss” in the operation Southern Winds for the Maggio Brothers.


Minister of territorial planning Julio De Vido called the “cashier”.

 Juan Carlos member Maqueda of the Supreme Court and his niece stewardess of Southern Winds implied in the drug trafficking directly in Madrid Customs.

Ambassador Carlos Bettini in Spain during the events, we remembering that the drugs bags were at the name of the Argentina embassy.

The same Bettini ex- Director of Argentine Airlines subsidized to S.W by means of agreements through which paid a fixed amount within  independece of the passengers tranported, something never seen in aviation contracts.



It´s surprising the strong hand is  composed of ex-repressive military from the dictatorship process like Donda Tigel connected to to Al-kazzar, Yabran and Eurnekian (ANVIL) and later on linked to Varsabsky in which takes part with eleven million dollars in a project to benefit of Aíto of the Rua the son of the former President Fernando de La Rua actually married with Shakira.

These components were inherited of Diego Ibáñez, tie to Suárez Masón (P Due) ex- partner of the spokesman of Yabran Wenceslao Bunge in the traffic of arms after the war of the Falklands.


Recently we could saw in the news, the ex- Triple To Ernesto fell Lorenzo or “Guzmán Major” with not a very good past was ironically supported by Edcadassa of Yabran to write a Guide for Parents and Educators against Drugs.


 It´s ironic  to hear how Mr. Versabsky enters in business with Maggio in Southern Winds through an accidental encounter  in Jose Ignacio Beach in Uruguay, but it´s  even more incredible to listen Matías Campiani J.R to comment its strategic association with Versabsky in Leadgate when they are part of the same great “familiar” business since his father does already a few years finances his businesses to him in Spain ( Jazztel Advent Inertnational group ).


 Leadgate against all recommendation of pilots and technicians buys  Bombardier CRJ-900, arguing that are no other airplanes available and that are the recommendable ones for Pluna, it is accidentally the same brand that used Southern Winds and actually the unique ones in South America, which directly received important subsidies for its subsistence of the state and through Argentine Airlines, with contracts not known in aviation, in which they paid fixed amounts besides the passengers transported.


 We remember that the creditors of Bombardier are the same Bank of always J.P Morgan, Chase Manhattan and Credit Suisse, Mr. Andre Bombardier vice-president of Bombardier belongs to the Exxel group like the mandators of the Yabran group, Mr. Matias Campiani Father (Advent) and mysterious the Uruguayan Juan Navarro (Exxel) and where Francisco Ravecca de Capital Ficus does his first arms in the businesses, at the moment Advent and Bombardier have some businesses common who appears in their web  as the manufacture of wagons of trains with the purchase of the Polish  company Karmax, the investment aims at the great one criticized project “ceiling of the world” of the construction of 1,200 kilometers of iron routes in China that would connect the capital occupied one Of Tibet Lhasa with the territories of the West of China.

The students for a free Tibet  a group of 650 schools, at the moment fight  Bombardier by this shame investment giving the finishing touch to the China occupation of the most pacific and humanitarian country in the World.


 The connections of Exxel and Advent with the drug trafficking and the traffic of arms as well as the money laundering and fiscal evasion seem to be countless.

But recent the tie ones to Guido Antonini ex- Exxel, partner of Jorge Romero (Exxel) in the Mariva Bank, and its valise to fill the coffers of the Kirchner marriage as he were already verified transported in the Airline company of Pablo Yabran Royal Class ex- Lanolec.

Antonini also finances companies in Uruguay where it makes prefabricated houses Umissa business that this in the sight by corruption.

His partner the narcotics trafficker Del Nogal was caught in Italy accused of a recent murder and this required in Canada.



The Uruguayan Edgardo Wanselle Paciello  accused in State United by this case casually  worked in OCASA for Alfredo Yabran.



 Aside from Southern Winds other well-known cases were those of the parallel customs, operation strawberry, langostino, and free shops:


 It´s interesting  to see  in Mexico the Advent group also makes parallel businesses without licitations and political arrangements as well as it ties to the money laundering and drug trafficking.




The two previous years to Leadgate, with the management of the ex- president of the pro-government union of OFP Elina Rodriguez without a doubt the worse management in the history of Pluna, where the wet lease contracts arrived for paying contracts over the market standards was  best “business”,  airplanes and Czech crew, Bolivia with Aerosur, a Portuguese  Euroatlantic that required fortunes contracts in a few flights to Madrid, while the airplane remained in the hangars for  maintenance for  weeks without noticing majors changes in the same, the endorsements, hotels and indemnifications for the passengers increased to astronomical numbers.

In this way it is that  Pluna finally looses 65 million dollars in two years, in compensation de state created a new position to her “National Director of Aerial Transport”,  nowadays she continuous managing the decisions in the OFP union, according to unofficial sources the approach of OFP to the union of the pilots ACIPLA was made after a meeting with Elina Rodriguez in a well-known bar of Montevideo.

Mr. Matías Campiani considered before the press that was an enabled person very for that position but I do not invite it to participate in its new “project”.



 In times where the liquidity in Pluna seems to be scarce and the creditors demand their salaries was public and well-known the news that the Leadgate group tried to acquire a

Camur S.A. by means of these financial maneuvers without success since their proprietors did not fall in their trap.

 We cannot understand so that if Mr. Campiani this so convinced that he is going to transform to Pluna into the best airline of the region does not go to the Commercial bank and to his Father he stops the financing of his “project”, anyway all the Uruguayan would end up paying broken plates as always and the Morgan pirates would as always take the savings of the Uruguayan.

 Uluckily nobody that only knows a little aviation could believe in a project that this technically destined to the failure, since the purchase of the airplanes strategically indicated is decisive for any project of this type.

We have left very clear that in fact the business is to sell us to Uruguayan its airplanes which will not make still more lose of that already we guaranteed

The regional CRJ-900 which are denominated Jets are designed to obtain productivity in short distances, very they are limited in flight distance and load in relation of the competition of Boeing in the region thus is mainly not indicated for the transport of the passengers in transit of Pluna and many less for the utopian HUB (distribution of regional passengers towards international destinies) that Campiani tries to develop in the Airport of Carrasco.

Boeing has an endorsement very superior as far as technology, security and comfort besides the experience of being the pioneers in the civil aviation.

 On the other hand Boeing ficto, nor operative significant minor next to Boeing do not have a cost as it shows a study to us of the I.A.D.B. about the integration of the aerial transport. (attached: – page 243 analyses of the fleet of short-range)


 As we exposed the designed CRJ previously are Jets for productivity in short distances, anyway this study reaches the conclusion that this type of airship is not profitable nor still for internal flights within Argentina and taking to” Montevideo” like international.

They demonstrate it widely to the graphs, like example 37 miles hour by seat of 737-200 of Pluna and average 45 of other airlines to 18 of the CRJ of Southern Winds.

These tests lamentably demonstrate that to Pluna it waits for an uncertain future to him since it is not possible to compete with this type of airship in the region and the State or the “Uruguayan” will have to be made position of the losses paying the totality of CRJ -900 and other black holes come again.




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